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About Us

How we started

It was always our father's dream to run a restaurant business. When we lived in California, he met a business man from his hometown of Jalisco, Mexico, and they decided to open a new restaurant together in Texas. At the time, we were working full time but we moved here to help our dad with his dream.

We started in a small location and with hard work and perseverance, we have thankfully been in cleveland for almost 9 years! Our establishment is successfully ran and operated by two sisters who pour their heart out to make sure our customers have a great dining experience. 

We love our loyal customers who many have become like family. We'd like for everyone who walks in our doors to feel at home as if they were dining in their household. 

We have a variety of Tex-Mex food and some authentic Mexican Plates with a little twist of seafood. 

Our customers love the consistency of our flavored food, the family ambiance, and the friendly service our staff provides. 

Come visit us today and let us serve you some of the best Mexican food in the area!

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